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Table Top “Board” Game

Now released!

The worlds first Tractor Pulling Table Top Game!

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Based on real life tractor pulling this tabletop version will be fun for all ages. The Board is created with several cards that create a track that is ever changing just like in real world tractor pulling.

You can take control of your favorite tractor throughout a whole season and compute with your friends.

The game will take 30-60 minutes to play and is good for ages 12 and up.


Q.) Tabletop game? why don’t you call it a board game?

A.) while it plays like a board game the “Board” or track is made up of cards that can be changed out to create a new track every single time you play it so technically it is not a “Board Game”

Q.) I see it is listed as ages 12+ why?

A.) In order to market products to children in most countries around the world you have to enter into extensive testing which is not cost effective for us to do therefore we are only marketing this product to those whom are 12 and up.
Q.) how to I purchase this game?

A.) Right now you can only purchase through our distributor Game Crafter Visit the shop for more info

Q.) Why don’t you make the tractor pawns look like Tractors.

A.) It was considered, however the cost would have been driven up by another $15-20 each to get this feature implemented. At that point we redesigned the cards to fit a standard 1/64th scale tractor or truck. The rule is if it fits on the card it can be used as your pawn.


Q.) Can I play with more than 4 players?

A.) Currently no, we are still working out the play testing for the 5-8 player expansion set. The expansion set is due to be released to the public sometime Fall of 2016.


Q.) I want to truck pull

A.) don’t we all! find a 1/64th scale truck and have fun…


Q.) This game is awesome!

A.) That is not a question, but thank you.


Q.) I have a rules question!

A.) Visit our Facebook page we are happy to answer any question you may have about rules or where to purchase etc.


Q.) I am a flea market vendor or retail shop I would like to buy some games wholesale where do I go?
A.) send me a message through our Facebook page and we will get you additional information! We may be interested in listing your shop or booth on our webpage as a vendor if you purchase 10 or more copies.

Q.) I purchased the game but have a problem with the printing

A.) We are sorry, you should contact The Game Crafter. They are our publisher and can assist with getting any correction www.thegamecrafter.com if you can not work out the issue feel free to contact me via Facebook message.

Q.) I want to use the name “Turbo Smoke” and the Turbo Smoke logo to market my custom toy tractors

A.) Message me on Facebook lets talk.

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